Dirtbike Mod v1.6


With this Dirtbike Mod you can travel even faster than on a horse, the material needed to build the Dirtbike are easy to find while you're mining. The mod is free to download and it makes Minecraft so much more enjoyable. Watch the pictures below for the crafting recipes. The Dirtbikes come in 4 different colors: Lime, Gold, Blue and Red.

John Smith Texture Pack

The original John Smith texture pack is updated and fresher than ever. This texture pack is really detailed and realistic. The blocks look amazing, and it makes the game so much more fun to play. The glass is updated to be more transparent, the wood looks brilliant and the stones' texture is amazing. The resources are greatly updated and the texture pack is just one of my favourites.
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Pokécraft is a texture pack based on the game Pokémon, we think that this is one of the most detailed texture packs out there. Not only the blocks have been changed but the mobs are changed into different species of Pokémon. The gameplay changes completely and it's a lot of fun when the old minecraft texture pack is getting a bit boring. There is an option of installing the Pokéball mod, which gives you the opportunity to capture different Pokémon and even train them to a higher level. All in all this texture pack is simply brilliant.
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Portal Gun mod

Related to the game Portal, we released a new mod called the Portal Gun mod. The mod is compatible to your newest minecraft updates and it looks amazing. This extraordinary piece can be crafted at your workbench, the crafting instructions are on the portal gun's download page. This mod has got some incredible features and updates, for example the Portal gun 1.4 could only teleport your character while the update increased it's functions, so now it can even teleport blocks and mobs!
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